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Who we are?
Cole Collection, with more than 10 years in the market, is a leading marketing company with exclusive fashion brands in Mexico.

It has a distribution network nationwide in the retail market. With a logistics structure that lets you make dropshipping from anywhere in the world and the infrastructure to build different types of sale points.

We collect merchandise anywhere in the world, our service ensures timely collection from Asia, Europe and America via air and direct to Mexico. All brands are secured from reception to arrival to our storage warehouse, with the capacity to shelter up to 300,000 units.

We have a distribution network and outstanding marketing at a national level, including 32 boutiques and over 134 corners in major department stores in the country. We make sure to put your brand on the perfect space.

We make sure every detail for the perfect marketing is covered. We accomplish this by creating our own division for building boutiques and corners. We add value by designing and building furniture that adjusts to the space, with specific materials that adapt to the national market.

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In few words, in Cole Collection,
we are:
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